by Easy Lover

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released May 17, 2016

All songs written by Easy Lover
Recorded and mixed at Hidden Planet Studio



all rights reserved


Easy Lover Berlin, Germany

negative hardcore


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Track Name: Anaemia
i don’t leave footprints
to make you follow me home
i’m comfortable with being on my own
seems like getting somewhere means
walking through the sharpest glass
end ending up with feet cut open
these scars are the new black
only fear can cut so deep
we entered the world with bloody knees
trying to make the best of this mess
we give till we bleed dry and still no f* relief
Track Name: Vertigo
this is my window, this is my moment
how long is the chain that ties me to my anchors?
where does my life end
where does the abyss begin?
how far can i go??
letting go, letting go
you're still banned from my room
i still live in my bed
planning wars from in between the sheets
using words to describe feelings
i never even felt
who left me so callous?
now this storm just slighty strokes my face
like my mother never did
letting go of my inner child
this is what i need to shield myself
cutting bonds, building walls
this is me letting go
Track Name: Isolation
wading deeper into the swamp of hollow souls
blank stare dead eyes leave no solid ground
i only keep walking to walk away
but i'm still getting closer to
making the same mistakes
cities built from the ruins of our past
side by side we stand so isolated
forever searching nowhere to be found
i'm just trying to escape the thoughts in my head
my resignation is no cry for help
i got neurosis to keep me awake
Track Name: Acceptance
no heart no hope no faith
nothing nothing
nothing ever stays the same
no heart no love no pain
we come from nothing we return to dust
without a home you never get lost
Track Name: Irony
why does it always start to rain
three steps far from home
why do we feel lost the most
when we’re actually not alone
trying to keep our hearts away
from being hurt by anyone
we kiss goodbye our childhood dreams
trading our souls for a good night of sleep
and still we wake up to good intentions
leading to bitter ends
forgive me for not sticking around
to see also we have build fall apart
i no longer stay awake
for short summers and no air to breathe
in these crowded streets
Track Name: Ruination
it's always midnight in the hidden corners of my mind
no light shines on being left out in the cold
carrying these tired bones in a withering frame
through the silence of empty endless hallways
there's nothing left when the sun is gone
but sadness and forgotten souls
i've lost the keys to most of the rooms ln this house
i forgot how to breathe with all the windows closed
my steps don't even make a sound anymore
layers of dirt and dust cover my eyelids
rain drops through the leaks in my skin
captured in a ghost hour that never ends
Track Name: Survival
are you just gonna stand there watching me drown
while i broke my spine by not letting you down
the air around you burns, i still managed to stay
throw your curses at me, i’ll grow a thicker skin
am i losing my mind?
what's wrong with me?
no, no, nothing
i can take it
i’m still alive
this is me keeping my sanity